Different Types Of Solar Panels

What are the solar panels? The solar panel is a component of the solar system and used for absorbing the energy from the sun to feed the solar system. There are different kinds of solar panels available in the market. Each type of solar panel has some key differences and also their pros and cons. You should collect the information before making any final decision.


Types of Solar PV Panels

In the Australian market, you can find three different types of solar panels. You can choose one as per your convenience.


Monocrystalline Solar Panels

If you are looking for the most expensive solar panel with the highest rating then Monocrystalline type solar panels are for you. You can apply for solar finance in Adelaide to purchase the solar panels. The material that is used to make these panels is nuggets of ultra-pure silicon sliced into wafers. These nuggets are then assembled into a solar cell. The panels have the conduit to carry the electrical current. The thin silver lines run through the cells. To increase the efficiency of Monocrystalline panels, builders use the hi-tech methods such as laser grooving & back surface fields. Because of these methods the efficiency increases by +20%. The price of advanced panels is more than standard Monocrystalline units.


Polycrystalline Solar Panels

Silicon is used to build Polycrystalline Solar Panels. Silicon is not as pure as the Monocrystalline cells. The silicon is cast into square blocks to make the wafers. The wafers are sliced from the large silicon blocks. They have a distinctive mottled appearance when mounted on a frame to form a solar panel. Because of its square shape, these panels have more surface area to catch the sunlight.


Thin Film Solar Panels

Because of its manufacturing way, thin-film solar panels are very different from mono and polycrystalline panels. To create a thin film on a framework, the silicon is sprayed that make the solar panel. Solar finance in Adelaide is available for all types of solar panels. An efficient technique is used to manufacture these panels that require less energy to fully complete the process. To bring down the end retail price down the production methods are constantly improved and upgraded. These panels have a plain dark look and are quite larger than other panels.






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